Obstropolous: Dialectal variant of the word “obstreperous”. Meaning making things difficult just for the sake of it. This is where the word “stroppy” comes from. Or in Susie Dent’s words:

Obstropoloulah: a-wop-bam-boo

Okay. So I’m doing this course. It’s about social media and business networking (I know). And I’ve read the first readings, and I’ve pootled about on the internet and, man. People talk a lot of total BS about Social Media.

It seems I also write a lot of BS about social media. For the first weeks reading’s alone I’ve written over 4,500 words that often begin “No way”, “Not anymore” and “was this author high when they wrote this”? I’ve spent time disproportionate to reward trying to tease out what my main objections to a lot of the material were – which caused me to write even more waffly nonsense.

As part of the course, I need to write 5 blog posts. I’m afraid I’m going to need to write a few more than that to cover my main thoughts but I promise to make my tutor/s only read the two necessary for assessment. Right now, my thoughts are all over the place and writing will help me synthesize my learning and get it all in one place.

Blogging is about writing for your audience. Whoever you think they may be. My audience is myself, and all of you, my fellow students. Hello all! (Also, hello future self, put down the chocolate bar. You know it won’t help you think any more clearly. Your midwife will just make you go do another glucose test and you don’t have room in your life for any more of that kind of nonsense…)

So buckle in. It’s going to be a confusing but ultimately cogent (hopefully) ride through my brain and it’s current workings.

“Lets ADORE and ENDURE each other” by Steve Powers. Photo credit: Toa Heftiba – Sourced from Unsplash